Breezy Rodio’s “Sometimes The Blues Got Me” Video

Releasing today, Breezy Rodio‘s “Sometimes The Blues Got Me” on Delmark Records. Enjoy this tasty tune from the album.


Check Out Carolyn Gaines’ Debut Album, “Beware Of My Dog”

Daughter of guitarist-vocalist Roy Gaines and niece of saxophonist Grady Gaines, Carolyn Gaines presents her debut album, “Beware Of My Dog.” The blues is part of Carolyn Gaines genetic makeup, and it shows in this debut album; 11 tracks are a pleasing mix of old standards and a few original compositions.

“Unusually for a blues release these days, this album consists of the blues pure and simple all the way through, strong, sassy, sexy and celebratory.” Flying Shoes

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Blues Magazine Netherlands Reviews Carolyn Gaines’ “Beware Of My Dog”

“Carolyn Gaines proves with this album that she is an asset to the blues scene.”

Recensie: Carolyn Gaines – Beware Of My Dog



Making A Scene Reviews Reverend Raven’s “My Life”

“As a guitarist he has great tone and has mastered all styles. As a vocalist the Reverend’s baritone voice displays great range and clarity. This recording documents his twenty year career.” Making A Scene