Al Corte’

Al Corte’

Al Corte’s sophomore album, “Mojo,” is a full-blown Memphis affair, recorded at Willie Mitchell’s Royal studios, with the High Rhythm Section, the Royal Singers, Royal Horns, Royal Strings and The Tennessee Choir. It’s also a total 180 from his debut album, “Seasoned Soul,” that was all arrangements of classic tunes. “Mojo” contains all original tunes written by his music partner, Ron Miller, with input from Corte’ on tracks 3, 4, and 5.


As a young boy attending elementary school Corte’ sang lead alto in his church choir. His dad was a hobby honky tonk singer, his uncle Mike was a night-club singer and his uncle Raymond was a professional opera singer. Uncle Raymond, upon hearing Al’s natural talent, arranged Bel Canto singing lessons by his own personal vocal coach from the Julliard School of music. The vocal coaching educated Al on the mechanics of vocalization giving him the ability to sing properly with power and tone. But Corte’ was into soulful blues and rock ‘n’ roll music more than opera. So Al took his training and applied it into the music he loves.

As a teenager Al sang acapella with his high school buddies in the alley behind the five & dime store at the shopping plaza practicing “Doo Wop.” At the age of fifteen he was singing soulful blues & rock n roll with various bands in bowling alley lounges, neighborhood honky tonks and frat parties. He tried his hand at drumming, football, gymnastics, construction, drama classes, and auto mechanics, but he kept coming back to singing.

His singing career kicked off in the 60’s as the front man for “The Cavemen,” a pop group out of Buffalo, NY that opened for many of the stars of the day – Young Rascals, The Hollies, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, just to name a few. After the act’s dissolution and a stint at motorcycle racing, Corte’ went back to his singing, which took him to Florida. While there he performed in several different bands, toured the US and the Caribbean, did stunt work, studied photography and horticulture. Then on to Arizona, via Texas, where he engaged in acting classes followed by work in commercials and a cowboy on “The Arizona Gunfighters,” as well having his own band, Corte’.

In the early 90’s, Corte’ took a behind-the-scenes role establishing his own production company producing videos and TV programming. He also continued his motorcycle racing and was an artist manager. Upon retirement to Arkansas, Corte’ resurrected his singing, while working construction, a volunteer firefighter and K9 handler.

“This resurrection manifested by recording my debut album, “Seasoned Soul (2015),” with things falling into place as though there was a stronger power guiding the recording process,” says Corte’. And now, two and a half years later, Corte’ has returned with an all-original album,”Mojo,” showing he is around to stay this time!

OCTOBER 6, 2017
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