Vin Mott

Vin Mott

Mott and his quartet are ready to make their mark on the world with his first effort as a solo blues artist, “Quit The Women For the Blues,” released February 3, 2017. The title track opens the album with a snap crack bang from drummer Andrei Koribanics setting up the groove for Sean Ronan (guitar), Dean Shot (upright, electric bass) before Mott joins with his full-throated growl and scorching blues harp. New Jersey working bluesman Vin Mott and his band are undoubtedly versed in the ways of Chester Burnett. You’ll swear you just set the needle down on a Chess records vinyl from 1952.

The ten original tracks, all written and arranged by Vincent Michael Mott, draw heavily from the heroes of Chicago and Memphis blues, paying homage to originators such as James Cotton, Little Walter, Junior Parker, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf, while adding the band’s own flare and modern sensibility. The sound is live and raw, ballsy and guttural, a true testament to the 12-bar blues form with every instrument in the band working together to find the perfect groove. Mott’s lyrics are angry, sometimes sarcastic, written with urgency, and a nothing to hide no holding back attitude.

‘Don’t Make Me Laugh’ is scathing rebuke of a hard-headed women and ‘The Factory’ is a lowdown blues for the modern times. Ronan becomes the reincarnation of Elmore James and the rhythm section digs a shuffle groove a mile deep allowing Mott to spell out his blues philosophy ‘I’m A Filthy Man.’ Mott’s harp howls that lonesome whistle call and sets up the tempo for the relentless beat of ‘Freight Train.’ He then plants his tongue firmly in cheek on the slinky time shifting rhumba/swing ‘I Wanna Get Ruff With You.’ Mott does let his sweet side show in the original ballad ‘Living The Blues.’ The quartet swings for the fences closing out the set with ‘Hott Mott’s Theme,’ a showcase of the bands formidable chops and fiery style.

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“One of the area’s best harmonica players and musician,” “…the hottest blues band in Jersey,” and “the next generation of the blues” are some of the most common phrases being used to describe one of North Jersey’s youngest and hardest working band leaders, Vin Mott. Upon witnessing one of his band’s electrifying live shows, it becomes clear what all the buzz is about, and why such accolades as ‘the one carrying the torch” seems to surround his name.

Vin Mott is 27 years old from Pequannock, NJ. It was in high school when Vin began discovering his love of blues and roots music, the sound of the harmonica, and began teaching himself, with a little help from the internet, to play the blues harp. In 2007 Vin went on to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he graduated in 2011 with a BA in Songwriting. By the late summer of 2013 Vin had returned home to New Jersey. Over the next several years Vin, along with the help of guitarist Sean Ronan, would book countless gigs in local taverns, roadhouses, and restaurants such as the Great Notch Inn, the Robin’s Nest Rhythm & Blues, Hat City Kitchen, and Ruthie’s BBQ & Pizza, as well as branching into Eastern PA and the Philadelphia area. The live band has included some of the areas most talented young Jazz, blues, and roots musicians.

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FEBRUARY 3, 2017
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