D.C.-based Soul Blues band Vintage#18 debuts with their album “GRIT”.  The album reflects the band’s love of classic 60’s Soul and Blues, featuring a mix of originals as well as two covers (ZZ Top and Bob Dylan) and a whole lot of elbow grease. Grit, you might say.

Vintage#18 chose to self-produce GRIT, and a framework was in place before most of the album was written. One of the goals when they first started rehearsing was to make sure that the sound didn’t fit solely into a single genre. Blues, Soul and other familiar elements appear but should mix in a way that brings unexpected experiences for listeners and dancers too. This idea worked well in live settings, so the album was approached the same way. If you do it, stay true to it—but you can always do “it” in new ways.

Performing together since 2013, the band started in the clubs near their home in Northern Virginia. Residencies in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia are the backbone of a circuit that extends across the Eastern Seaboard. In 2016, they represented the Central Virginia Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee and continue to appear in the city. They have been fortunate to share stages with several great performers, among them The Nighthawks, Billy Price, Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials and Albert Cummings.

They’ve always shared the same thoughts about music and in particular their live shows, “we’re here to move you, one way or another.” The sound reflects their love of traditional blues and soul but also the desire to bring it current for new audiences.

Vintage #18 brings a high-energy show with hard-driving blues rhythms and soul grooves that will move you. Built on a framework of uniquely talented and dedicated musicians, the album features the unique sound of Bill Holter on guitar (a.k.a. #18), while the groove is laid down by Alex Kuldell on drums and Mark Chandler on bass. Soulful vocals are delivered by newcomer and bandleader Robbin Kapsalis, and the collective Good-Mojo-Getdown is provided by all.


Robbin was born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta. Her introduction to blues came from her Aunt Ida Bell, who would play blues and soul music whenever Robbin would visit. A passionate, energetic performer, Robbin delivers her sound with fervor and style.


Bill has long been sought out by other guitarists who completely dig his tone and phrasing. His early work was in the “blues/rock” crossover tradition, but later spiced his vocabulary with Eastern and American jazz points of view. Bill’s studio and live credits include Failsafe, Radical Trust, and The Seductones. A vintage instrument dealer, his is an opinion of choice for many pro players.


Alex is an award winning snare drummer and has been drumming in and around the Washington D.C. area for over 20 years as a performer and an instructor.  He is a professional snare drummer in the U.S. Army’s Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and former lead drummer for the City of Washington Pipe Band.


Mark started his career with jazz and “progressive” rock, it wasn’t until later that a re-acquaintance with folk and roots music led him to styles that inform his playing today. Credits include Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Daryl Davis, Sleepy LaBeef, The Coasters, Linwood Taylor, Charley Sayles and Jimm Altman.



APRIL 21, 2017
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