Blues Society Of Central PA

Blues Society of Central PA

“Backyard Blues” is a collection of sixteen original songs of varying blues-based styles written and performed by Central Pennsylvania artists, with three bonus tracks available via digital release only. Emerging from the friendships and musical collaborations nurtured by a weekly blues jam, hosted by BSCP, held every Thursday night for more than twenty years, this collection of original music demonstrates the many variations and nuances of the blues.

Sallie Bengtson, partner at Blue Heart Records, is proud to be working with the label’s “hometown” blues society for this release. “Chicago or Memphis may be the first places that come to mind when talking about blues, but we have much to be proud of in Central Pennsylvania. The outreach of our individual and collective efforts to keep the blues alive and available to a worldwide audience is the result of the passion and dedication of the local blues community. It’s truly an inspiration and a joy to work with the Blues Society of Central PA to bring exposure of this musical project to radio and media.”

In 2020 when the pandemic forced cancellation of the beloved weekly jams, the blues society nimbly shifted to continue the tradition virtually via Zoom sessions broadcast to their Facebook group page. This opened the doors of their event to the world, both by musicians who participate and blues fans who tune in from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Among those virtual musical guests were Crooked Eye Tommy (Nashville, TN) and Miss Bix (Malibu, CA) from the Blue Heart Records. Clarence Spady (Scranton, PA), from the sister label, Nola Blue Records, has performed multiple times. Three bonus tracks of original tunes from those esteemed artists, representing the “virtual backyard of Central PA,” are available via digital release. Crooked Eye Tommy was a finalist in the Solo/Duo category at the 2020 International Blues Challenge. BMA-nominee Clarence Spady’s “Surrender” and “Red Walls” by Miss Bix recently received Global Music Awards.

Recorded and mixed by Bobby Gentilo and produced by Gary “Rocky” Rothrock, BSCP Blues Jam Coordinator, the recording sessions were held in Central PA at Right Coast Recording, Columbia.


  • Blues on the Loose plays their signature upbeat music, encompassing a cross-section of blues styles.
  • Buzzard Luck creates blues rock tunes with high-energy and passion.
  • Rose Hudson belts out the hip-gyrating blues created by the high energy Barrelhouse band.
  • The rich, mellow voice of Gary “Rocky” Rothrock delivers haunting blues born out of his life experiences, backed by the house band of stars from the Thursday blues jam.
  • Nate Myers Trio is an electric band known for their unique roots and blues-based sound.
  • The Mighty Klucksis a power trio that gets people dancing with their contagious rock ‘n’ roll blues.
  • Bob Wineland, a versatile vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist with blues and folk influences, is backed by the house band of stars from the Thursday blues jam.
  • The dynamic sound of the Ben Brandt Trio blends soul, funk, blues, and rock.
  • Multi-instrumentalist Roger Hammer has written more than 100 blues-inspired folk-rock tunes, culled from his experiences and causes close to his heart.




MARCH 19, 2021