The Ron Kraemer Trio

The Ron Kraemer Trio With The Nashville Cats

New Jersey guitarist Ron Kraemer decided to become a permanent snowbird and relocated to south Florida and formed a new trio, after leading The Hurricanes for many years in the garden state. He recruited Gregg Germony on upright bass and Michael Finley on brushes. The seasoned players honed their sound gigging hard  over the last few years being fortunate to live in an area thriving with outdoor venues even during the pandemic lockdown. The trio blend classic swing with bluesy be-bop and touches of Latin Jazz in an unplugged environment reminiscent of the 1950’s and early 60’s artists like Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Smith, and Kenny Burrell. To cement the sound, they invited Reggie Murray from Nashville to add saxophone and B-3 organ to the eleven original instrumental tracks of Sarasota Swing.

Opener “Junior Steps,” is a nod to Coltrane’s “Giant Steps,” but has the feel of Charlie Parker’s 12-bar Be Bop standard “Billie’s Bounce” with Murray spelling out the head on tenor sax trading fine solos with Kraemer. Finley’s loping shuffle lays down the perfect bed for the easy going “Siesta Afternoon,” as Murray plays double duty on sax and bouncy B-3. Snappy interplay between Kraemer and Finley perfectly builds the tension under Murray’s solo during the sultry blues “The Craw.” We aren’t exactly sure who or what it is, but a strut must have been involved to inspire the jaunty “In Walked Wilbo” and its boogaloo beat.

The swinging tempo of “At The Blasé’ Café’,” is hardly sleepy and Kraemer demonstrates his mastery of jazz guitar soloing as pioneered by Charlie Christian. The cats explore the rhythmic territory of another guitar pioneer on the head bopping “Bo Knows,” and its familiar Diddley beat. Germony walks hard and Murray sits in the pocket with the flat tire shuffle as Kraemer and Murray weave in and out of the melody and trade barbs for “Reggie No. 2,” and the tangled header of “Fred’s Bop” will satisfy the appetites of jazz purists looking for something fleshy to sink their teeth into. “Gone Gulfing,” is another sweet shuffle with sublime hook line on sax and organ akin to those great Jimmy Smith anthems that created a link between jazz and 1960s soul music.

Kraemer opens the slow burning “Hampton Roads,” with a familiar feeling guitar riff then brings in the band who sink deep into the blue velvet groove. You can easily sing along to the opening line of “Who’s Knockin?” as the catchy hook of the breezy closer is a prototype of the “Sarasota Swing” soundscape created by this enchanting trio with an extra cat. Easy listening indeed.

Rick J Bowen


The band was formed in 2019 and forged during the Pandemic of 2020-21. The crew is Ron Kraemer on guitar and vocals, with Gregg Germony on upright bass and Michael Finley on brushes. They were fortunate to be based in Sarasota, Florida, where a number of outdoor venues remained opened during Covid, but were looking for smaller groups. While many bands across the country (and world?) spent 2 years doing only online shows at best, the boys worked steadily and grinded out over 200 gigs. Reggie Murray from Nashville rounds out the lineup and makes the occasional visit to add the perfect complement of sax and B-3 organ.





SEPTEMBER 23, 2022