Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron

Back From The Edge, recorded over the last 18 months, continues the foot-stompin’, butt shakin’ sound that Mark Cameron is known for while adding an expanded range of songs as only Cameron can pen them – from the soul. This suite of ten original songs will take you on a memorable journey through the blues in its many forms.

The album kicks off with the funky-hooky riffs of “It’s Alright”, a satire-laced commentary about authority figures and the age-old battle for control over the almighty dollar with sassy guitar and gritty harmonica sparing throughout. In “This Is The Blues” Cameron unleashes the full force of the horn section to drive home all the little things in life that can add up to the blues and the liberation that comes from just admitting it. Cameron winds the amp up to the max and plugs in the Dobro for some nasty slide blues on “2nd Job,” describing a relationship that feels more like employment than enjoyment, as the singer struggles to keep pace with his wayward lover. The relationship theme continues on “Never See It Comin” as a frustrated lover finally turns the tables on his unpredictable girl with Sheri Cameron driving home the point on grinding saxophone.

The mood turns playful and funky again on “All There Is To It” as guitarist Cameron and harmonica ace Rick Miller trade barbs as a series of love triangle mishaps unfold in front of them. The title track “Back From The Edge” takes a brutally honest look at the world we live in. Cameron’s soulful message is enhanced with guest performances by organist Tommy Barbarella (New Power Generation) and soul singers Tonia Hughes and Sara Renner. The listener can sense that the tongue is planted firmly in-the cheek on “One Size Fits All,” a humorous take on the subtle intolerance we all experience in our daily lives delivered in a smoky nightclub style. The mood shifts to a hypnotic slow blues on “All Dressed Up,” while the rhythm section of drummer Dan Schroeder and bassist Scott Lundberg deliver an infectious groove that pulls the listener in and holds on ‘til the end. The gritty slide blues of “Dollar For Liquor” follows the exploits of a happy-go-drunky street busker and his eternal quest to get someone to buy the next round. The album concludes with the dreamy, summer-of-‘68 inspired “Lost And Found,” which examines what happens when love and people go missing and offers hope that they can be found as easily as simple everyday items.


Mark Cameron – Lead vocals, Guitar

Minnesota based singer, songwriter and guitarist Mark Cameron has been active in live music for over thirty years. After five studio releases in the 1980’s and 90’s, Mark turned his focus to the blues and released four more albums in the Blues genre between 2009 and 2017 including “Live at Blues on the Chippewa.” This unplanned live recording during one of the band’s many festival appearances “perfectly captures his live sound, the next best thing to being there, totally hot stuff” (Chris Spector, Midwest Record). In 2019 Mark Cameron achieved chart success with On A Roll. The album reached #5 on the RMR Contemporary Blues chart and won a Global Music Silver award. On A Roll was also selected as the best independently produced album by the Minnesota Blues Society in 2019. The Mark Cameron Band recently represented Minnesota at the International Blues Challenge and several original songs were also featured on the Minnesota Blues All-Stars album. Known as a charismatic front man and soulful guitarist, Mark delivers his original compositions with a mix of sincerity, honesty and often a touch of humor. Mark’s vocal range stretches from basement baritone to full-on growl and his original lyrics draw the listener in and paint a picture of the many worlds within the blues.

Rick Miller – Harmonica, Vocals

From St. Paul, MN Rick’s formal musical training was on the baritone horn, playing in concert, marching and stage bands. He soon discovered that a harmonica was easier to carry. Rick draws enduring inspiration from the playing of Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, and Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson (Canned Heat). Miller has founded, fronted, and played harp for several blues bands including Black Cat Bone, Jambon Cru, Swamp Kings and Cracked Wheat. He has shared the stage with such acts as Los Lonely Boys, Shemekia Copeland, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Joe Bonamassa. Rick is often asked to “jump in” with bands, including a recent appearance with Charlie Love’s band at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago.

Scott Lundberg – Bass, Vocals

Originally from Houston, MN Scott Lundberg began classical piano training at the age of 6 and added guitar, bass, trombone, organ, and tuba to his repertoire along the way. He progressed from his first garage band New Dawn at age 14, to high school and college concert bands, marching bands, jazz bands, orchestras, school, and church choirs. He has played bass guitar, tuba, and keyboards in many working bands along the way, including Hurricane Hash (Dixieland), Liberation (brass rock), Rasputin (alternative rock), Hearts of Praise (gospel), 2nd Exit (electric blues), American Outlaws (classic rock), Top Shelf (electric blues), The Jennifer Springer Blues Band and since 2009, The Mark Cameron Band.

Dan Schroeder – Drums

Dan Schroeder channeled his energies into playing drums from an incredibly young age. His parents soon recognized that the constant tapping of feet and playing on knees was a sign and encouraged Dan to pursue his passion for percussion. Dan began playing in bands way back in 1976 and has extended his drum skills to include teaching along with his long history as a fulltime musician. Dan has shared the stage with an impressive variety of performers from a wide range of genres. From Don Williams to Brett Michaels, Dan has shared the stage with the best and is known for delivering inspired performances that get people out of their seats and out on the floor.

Sheri Cameron – Sax, Flute, Percussion

Ask Sheri Cameron and she will tell you she is not a musician, yet the powerful sound of the band owes much to Sheri’s recent move to tenor saxophone as her primary instrument. Her whatever-it-takes approach to the music is the reason she has become a crowd favorite as a sax player, flute specialist and percussion guru. Today Sheri plays sax, flute, bongos, shaker, guiro, tambourine, washboard, wind chimes and whatever else a song might call for. She puts the “tasty” in the Mark Cameron Band.





JUNE 18, 2021